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The Colorado & Wyoming Railway Story

CWRy LogoWelcome to the Colorado and Wyoming Railway (CWRy), this is a fictitious On30 railway circa 1930's. The railway is there to transport both mining and timber products throughout the local mountain community. The CWRy operates out of a small town that is located at the end of a branch line of the Colorado & Southern Railroad, (C&S). This along with a small river barge system also operated by the CWRy, are the only connections for this town and the CWRy to the rest of the world.

The town, yet to be named, is small and only supports the population of a few hundred people. Many citizens of the town are employed by either the Mountain Mining Company, (MMC), or the Riverside Lumber Company, (RLC). The balance of the working population is employed in the town itself by the CWRy or one of the many small local businesses.