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The Colorado & Wyoming Railway Future Plans

There are a few tasks for me to do on the layout and I will be trying to get to them shortly. The tasks included continuing the track work on the lower level concentrating on getting to the dock and figuring out the basic design of the town track layout. After that I want to install the engine facilities in town including the turntable, sand, water and fuel loading, and a two stall roundhouse. I also need to design and build a very small turntable on the upper level for the rail trucks and service vehicles. Another task will be to build and install the turnouts needed in the upper level staging to accommodate the ability to have motive power run around a train to get on the other end. The upper level staging yard in a stub yard.

Scenery will also need to follow all of the track work. When the scenery is started I will also be installing the control wiring and programming a PLC (programmable logic controller) to interface facia turnout and turntable controls with the mechanisms that control them. In the case of turnouts Tortoise switch machines will be used on the complete layout except for the lower staging yards. The lower staging yards will use Caboose Industries ground throws. The turntables will be operated by small variable DC voltage motors. The main long turn objective is to be able to operate all of the trains and devices without actually needing to touch any of the equipment on the layout. I strongly believe in walking with your train and there will be no automated trains but I would like to have everything running smooth enough to allow for everyone not needing to handle the equipment which will minimize any possible damage to fine details.

A track plan and operating schedule will need to be developed and those will also be posting on this site to show the complete picture of the Colorado and Wyoming Railway.