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NEWS Flash! I have just started a new venture for the year 2012 on a new web site called The idea is create an image for each day of the year and display that result here. Each image will start with a capture using one of my cameras. At present I use a Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 50D, both with various lenses, a Canon G11 point and shoot, and an iPhone 4. Once I have captured the image I will post-process this image using any of a number of software programs. I prefer to do most of the work when capturing the image but software has become a necessary part of digital photography. I will have more about this through out the year in my blog. You might be wondering how I came up with the site name, it really is simple. The word image is for the fact that is is a photographic and digital image website. The 366 is for the number of days in 2012, after all 2012 is a leap year. Be sure to check it out. logo

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