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"Looking You in the Eye"

"Pride of Baltimore II"

"Skateboard Art Display"

"Split Image"


"Canada Day Fireworks"


"House Finch"

"McCormick-Deering Tractor"

"HMCA Haida"

"Little Red Ridinghood"

"Bald Eagle in Flight"

"Winter Barn"

"Carolina Wren"

"Dark-Eyed Junco"

"Black-Capped Chickadee"

"Looking at You"

"Kestrel on the Hunt"

"Old Barn"

"Abandoned House"



"Barn in Early Winter"

"Night Heron"


"Male Northern Harrier, Grey Ghost"

"Great Blue Heron"

"Coffee Pots"

"The Gate"

"Landed Banking and Loan Co."

"Downy Woodpecker"

"Northern Mockingbird"

"Northern Mockingbird with Blueberry"

"Gray Catbird"

"Fire of Lights"


"Lesser Yellowlegs"